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22nd January 2019

About Counselling #01 Counselling offers a safe time and space to explore and be heard in confidence. It is a process between you and a trained professional in a private and non-judgmental environment where problems and issues can be discussed and resolutions sought.

The work you do with your counsellor can help you form a new perspective based on existing information. Gain a better understanding of the issues and problems involved.

Develop an increased awareness of self and your own internal resources, which can lead to different life choices.

Counselling can allow an individual to become the author of his/her own life and is a process from which we can all benefit.

About Counselling #02It can help with stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, depression, trauma, loss, anger, drugs or alcohol dependence, self harm, eating disorders, bereavement, and any issue that is causing you to frown.

Increased self-knowledge can help you to have more control over your life and therefore those things which are troubling you.

Some people view counselling as a sign of weakness when quite the opposite is the case. Seeking help for troubling issues is a sign of maturity and strength and results in not only an increased understanding of oneself, but a greater understanding of others as well.

Things are not they way they are; they are the way we are - Talmud
About CounsellingAbout Counselling
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